The More the Merrier


Seemed that cows and the word productivity balance each other out so nicely, don’t you think?

Just a quick note. As I’ve been making plans for 2014, this blog is starting to take shape in 3 parts. Soon I will send subscribers choices for those who are just interested in one or two parts vs. all three. Here they are:

    1. Featuring creative projects that produce a significant body of work through daily practice.  Such as 365 projects that have taken off from this one. I will also be publishing a live Q/A forum for people who need support. Instructions: Do you have a body of work in mind to develop? Could you use a little support as you set up your space, material and mindset? If you felt inspired by the 365 painting project and could use some quick tips for your project, email or tweet your question (see address in graphic). I will answer 3 at a time and post on the blog at every couple of weeks. Please specify if you want your name kept anonymous.


    1. Sharing posts of inspiration as I write the books. These could be anything from what Carl Sagan might say about saving a bird that crashed into your home window to the role of imagination in daily life or sharing about the process of writing a book proposal and getting an agent. But stuff that anyone who is creating a body of work and connecting their work to the market can relate to.


    1. Random painting explorations as I illustrate the children’s book. This book is about a rabbit who feels that her “hop” is not enough. It bores her and she haphazardly finds herself on an adventure with some very wild and large kangaroos.


I’ve been extremely moved in the past few days with emails and comments via social media about this project — watching people run off to start their own. I’d like to quote a writer who just started a brilliant 365 project for 2014. From “Wild Heart”

Just before 2013 broke, my friend Niya Christine set out to create a painting a day. It was an ambitious project. She stated her intention on her web page and invited anyone to witness her 365 journey. She worked from home, where she was setting up a new studio; she packed the house and traveled with her bunnies; she met friends for meals, got sick once or twice, read books, wrote books – and painted. Every day. One of the things I have always loved about Niya Christine is how inspiring she is. Her flaming red curls are an outward indication of her inner fire. Anyone with a mind to can see her blaze.

Go to Verna Wilder’s blog to read in detail how she arrived at the design of her subject matter and read her first piece of writing. It’s fascinating and bite size.

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