Wine Sleeps

Niya Christine. Copyright

#153/365 Paintings

Napa Valley is an intoxicating place. Just driving through it, the vines seem to be sleeping and sending out future good feelings to us from their dreams. How does all that alchemy get to us at the end of a stressful day? Or, the beginning of a fascinating conversation or new relationship? It slept, it chemicalized, it was picked, slushed and gathered into a lovely, curvy, glass container… right there, right in front of us—liquid happiness.


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  • Michial June 3, 2013   Reply →

    gosh…I do wish this piece was the Icing scene on the top of a very taste Cake,…

    • niya christine June 3, 2013   Reply →

      Oh… well now, I guess you’ll have to see how you influenced tomorrow’s painting. ; )

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