• Deborah Frangquist March 12, 2013  

    I’m just loving this series! Such a wonderful burst of color and energy to wake up to. Besides, I just like the images.

  • niya christine March 13, 2013  

    Deborah, thanks so much for stopping by the site and commenting. I love it when people do that! I’m SO happy you are benefitting from the series. There will be another flower series coming up intermixed with hot air balloon and kites. ; ) It’s the Bay Area that made me think of the flowers and March winds and sky activity. I feel terrible that there are people all over the country pining for the sun and flowers. But the flowers are a bit of a pick me up before their latent spring.

    Thanks again!

  • Susan Rajkumar March 13, 2013  


    Thank you for this. Your work is so beautiful, and I truly enjoy this series–the colors and power evoke happy feelings inside. I am sure that the rest of your year is only going to grow and expand. Would love to attend your gallery show after this year.