Wildflowers #2 | Chicken

Wildflower Series Painting 2 by Niya Christine. Copyright

#68/365 Paintings

She doesn’t mind interrupting our view of the wild flowers because she belongs to the garden. Look at her feather colors. She works hard to blend in.

Project notes: Today I got many words of encouragement with the wild flowers and a couple print orders. I find this amazing because never have I felt so out of my element as I do now working in a more random, chaotic manner. But what do I know? Art has it’s own life force and personality. I’m just the messenger, I suppose. I couldn’t be more delighted by these surprises.

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  • Kathy Zoll March 9, 2013  

    Niya, remember the crocus are coming up now, filling in the wimpy green lawns with color. They might not be considered a wildflower tho, I don’t know. Yet they give us our first spot of Spring.
    I also love the willow tree. They have an amazing color when they start to bud out and that is starting now. There are fields all around us to inspire you with your paintings, I love them!
    Thank you for sharing.

    • niya christine March 9, 2013  

      Thank you Kathy. I paint purely from imagination. I always wanted to be a plein air painter, painting from current nature… but it never came to pass. I have crocus in my front yard… lovely. And I have one of those wimpy green lawns – now much improved. I’m so happy you love the paintings. I sure love creating them.