Where Beach Balls Gather


#213/365 Paintings

Every so often… sometimes it takes months, but it could be days or hours, beach balls find themselves gathered into a pile on the beach. Of course they aren’t bored or lonely. They have exciting stories to tell. “Hey red, you look crinkled on your left side, did the kid’s dog get you after all? I thought you said you could outrun any dog in the world. That’s okay, we all have our vulnerabilities. Did I tell you about the day… ” — “Ralph, would you be quiet! Fighting the tidal wave was a lot of work today, I’d really like to get some sleep.” — “Hey did you see what happened to Bounce? She got taken home by the blonde haired kid. Sigh, lucky girl.”

And so it goes with the beach ball gathering that happen every so often from time to time. They look forward to the next day’s adventures — a lot like us.


Project notes: When I turned this painting upside down it went from landscape and sky to looking out at the ocean from inside a cave. I wondered what I might find should I be in such a cool visage. I thought of the abandoned things on a beach and what that must look like when everyone has gone home to cozy homes and fried chicken.


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One comment

  • WM Rine August 16, 2013  

    Visually I love this. The blue at the center … It almost looks as though the setting (southwestern-looking mountains and sunset at the top, green and lush at the bottom) have been peeled away to reveal water flowering beneath and through everything. Water of spirit, or … something. Or maybe it’s that a drought (represented by the top) has broken and water has poured forth and now the land is green and we’re going to have fun with our beach balls. It dances different ways depending on how I glance at it.