What’s My Name?


#226/365 Paintings

I don’t know what I am or what my name is, but I like it here. Even though my home has 3 brown moons and yours just has one pale moon, I am growing accustomed to how it lights my way at night at it’s fullest. I like how everything here is in motion. I especially like the ritual of food gatherings. We don’t have that where I come from.

I do have one question: How long do I need to be here before I can say “I love you” without it being, uh, as you say… creepy?

I can’t wait.


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  • Dale Favier August 23, 2013   Reply →

    “Llamativa” springs to mind.

  • Dale Favier August 23, 2013   Reply →

    (Oh, but pay no attention to what auto-translators turn up. Something is llamativo / -a if it calls to you. That’s the literal sense.)

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