Claire & the Vintage Bicycle Rabbits

Niya Christine. Copyright

#138/365 Paintings

When Claire moved to NYC she planted an urban garden in every sniggle of space she could find in her dinky apartment. She attracted a few friends of carrots outside her window. The blue rabbit had a good plan for full carrot bliss. The problem?  His fellow rabbits couldn’t stop admiring and gossiping about Claire’s chunky, juicy, organic carrots long enough to help him turn the urban tractor around. It’s a vintage bicycle, but rabbis think in tractor power. Claire was oblivious to the daytime TV going on outside her window. If she had known, her new eco-conscious boyfriend might have been even more impressed than he already was.


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  • WM Rine May 19, 2013   Reply →

    It’s well-known that NYC apartments are short on sniggles. And so the garden ends up where the neighbors trip over it. Thanks to your bunnies for reminding me why I no longer live in New York: not enough sniggles.

    (I love this painting. The sniggles in the story made me giggle, too.)

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