Unsure Cat


#242/365 Paintings

This cat is either simply lost in a cat dream (you know how they are)… or it’s completely thrown by the big rabbit nearby. Cats generally like to have the advantage. Rabbits don’t care (at least mine don’t) — they just wait until the cat thinks it has the advantage and then they show it how wrong it was all along. I think this might be that kind of scene.


Project notes: This is watercolor, pencil, charcoal on YUPO paper. I follow Carla Sonheim’s work and she’s playing with this paper now. Everything she does is cool, so I had to try. It turns out to be very fun and complicated. It was originally made for printing. It doesn’t absorb. The water evaporates. I let it dry and then pressed it into the paper like pastel with my fingers. Very fun for abstract, quirky work.

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