Tummy of Tea

Cat with Tummy full of Tea, Gouache #15/365 by Niya Christine. Copyright 2013


I tried to make this cat look like a stuck up, tea going, upper Eastside NY or London cat. But I’m afraid she looks more like a strung out rock star. C’est la vie. I love this project because I have a few hundred more times to practice. And it’s quickly becoming a well ingrained part of the day vs. another thing to squish in.

What tea are you putting in your tummy today? For me, it’s a smokey Russian Caravan with real cream and honey. ; )

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  • niya christine January 15, 2013   Reply →

    In Response to the tea subscribers say:

    A subscriber from Vermont says:
    “What fun it’s been to have the infusion of daily color through your paintings, plus your musings of coffees and teas (often expressing thoughts that I have had but you capture the experiences so delightfully!).

    What tea we’ll be brewing today? it’s green tea, infused with Cherry blossoms, a gift from Dave’s daughter. The list of teas I’m ordering from Imperial and Upton are below, with Imperial Teas noted (Imperial has superb teas):

    Pu-Erh, a rich fermented tea known for its health benefits;
    Gen-Mai Cha, a roasted green tea–always delightful, especially with a square of dark chocolate (Imperial Tea);
    Chun Mee, green (my comfort green tea);
    Green tea Ginger Ginsing (Imperial Tea);
    Dragon Well, green (also known as Lung Ching or Ling Jing), Imperial Tea;
    Jasmine infused green;
    Green Rooibos, a fabulous bush tea
    Four Treasurers (from Imperial Tea), our favorite herbal tea for evening, with chamomile blossoms, rose petals, mint and snow tea;
    White teas, such as Peony or Chrysantheman;
    Japanese Sencha-grade Yamato (not ordering today, as I’m still concerned about the effects of Japan’s Fukishima disaster)

    There you have it! Stop in for a cup of tea, about four days from now, when our orders arrive! Come with a hat, scarf, mittens and boots!”


    Ellisa from Portland:
    “Love this one! Kind of makes me wish I’d named one of my two cats Earl (they’re both gray).
    Today I’m drinking Cold Care and Breathe Easy teas.”

  • Leah January 28, 2013   Reply →

    I love the rich colours, strung out kitty rock star or not!

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