Troubadour and Buddha. P. 4


…..#360/365 Paintings…..

His was a mind of lyrical imagination. If he had grown up with his family, his 
personality would have been drastically different from the theirs. But he 
didn’t know. He didn’t know his mind had additional layers of smarts. He didn’t
know a love that could slow the fast beat of his heart was minutes away.
 The night sky had anchored him in something ancient and hopeful –
until she showed up and dragged him out of that hole.

She was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. Long, soft ears, deep brown
 eyes, huge white feet, a longer than usual tail, and lots of warm beautiful

She dragged him now from the
 scruff of his neck. He didn’t mind at all. He went in and out of consciousness.

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