Troubadour and Buddha. p.2


#358/365 Paintings

He tried to survive on imagination alone. Bugs came into the rabbit hole to
visit him. Some mistook him for dead and began to chew on his skin. This was
insulting and he scratched them off and then gave a good hard
thump to make sure they got the message.

To keep his mind from the fact that his siblings where not there to keep him warm he imagined what bugs would be if they were rabbits.

The beetle would be a wicked black rabbit. Yes, of course! The ladybug had to be a red
rabbit with white freckles about her whiskers. His amusement changed his
attitude towards them, he flirted with them, he saw them as potential rabbit
family, until one day a scorpion bit him. He quickly grew very weak.


This story is a metaphor for Dakota’s relationship with his partnership of nearly 10 years with Caila. She’s the Buddha in the equation. And when they met he was in great need of saving. But no spoilers. This series is 5 boards.  One process note. This is analog. So I print and paste the text, the old fashion way. One of my rules for this year is that everything is analog vs. using graphic software. I guess it’s just part of working with my hands that I’m enjoying.


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  • WM Rine December 23, 2013   Reply →

    Aaagh! You are cruel! If you hadn’t put “love” in the title I wouldn’t know that things were going to work out OK for this little guy. I feel like the people waiting on the dock in New York in 1841, waiting for the final installment of “The Old Curiosity Shop” and to see if Little Nell lived.

    • niya christine December 23, 2013   Reply →

      You make an excellent point. I should have taken the word “love” out of the title and made everyone suffer even more. Tee hee. You aren’t the only one a tinge grumpy about leaving you off at page 2. I hope I’m able to make it up to you tomorrow a.m. ; )

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