Tree Fishes


#309/365 Paintings

So how did Betsy and Gomez get into this awkward position? They are a great looking couple, admired by millions of fish (a million is equal to one human). They did all the right things. They learned to identify the smell of oil and steer away. They learned to follow the tail of the dolphin from a young age. They adopted one such dolphin as their best friend and protector. And this is where the trouble began.

They loved Mako the dolphin like their first born thousand babies. They followed him everywhere, even through the sticky seaweed globs. Sadly, Mako was captured by fisherman. Betsy and Gomez were close to him in their usual way.  And the force of the water threw them up in the trees. At first they smiled. They had the advantage of height. They felt they could save Mako somehow. Eventually Mako was taken away. They flopped down from the tree into the water. But the current was intractably circuitous. It threw up in the tree over and over. They swam up through the trees and down into the water involuntarily.

They learned their lesson. You could be the best looking couple and so very PC in the sea. And still a fish could find themselves diving up to the sky, through foreign trees yelling Mako, Mako, Mako! over and over.

Destiny is a slippery fish.

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  • kathy November 15, 2013  

    Destiny has a hilartious sense of humor. (Hilartious is a word, eventho’ my spell checker doesn’t think so. It is a combination word meaning: hilarious and other crazy things.)

    • niya christine November 17, 2013  

      Destinky also has a hilartious sense of humor. Really, truly!

  • kathy November 15, 2013  

    Hilartious: A portmanteau with many meanings.

    • niya christine November 17, 2013  

      Ha ha. You are such a geek. Love it.