Those Blue Doors


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Have you ever wondered why the blue doors in Santa Fe are so embedded in the architectural landscape? Yes, the turquoise emulates the light at certain points of the day, and blue is SO blue in the sky. But there are some folklore tales that portend that blue warded off evil spirits when the Spanish settlers built adobes. And, the sky determines much in New Mexico. But for most it is simply a vintage welcome. Welcome to our sky in our home. Welcome to our proud color.


I know I promised you more historical stories on Reed house the 1800’s adobe house in Mill Valley. However, that was before I spent a day getting lost in San Francisco and was too late to my second visit/meeting today to visit the Presidio historical notes on early adobe architecture in the Bay Area and Reed house. So, this is coming in the week. I’m just a puppy dog lapping up all of the color opportunities right now. I’m so excited about this theme.



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  • Dale Favier July 3, 2013  

    Oh my! I’m excited too.

    • niya christine July 4, 2013  

      Ha! Thank you Dale

  • kathy July 3, 2013  

    Here in No. California, we have red doors because of Feng Shui. I love doors of any color.

    • niya christine July 4, 2013  

      Yes, that’s right. And then there are the doors of Greece and Italy. Colors I’ve never seen before.