• Dale Favier December 14, 2013   Reply →

    !!! Oh, man, I love this.

  • Sage Cohen December 15, 2013   Reply →

    Me too, Dale! An enabler of the elephant in the room–brilliant.

  • WM Rine December 17, 2013   Reply →

    I love this, the appearance of dreams shimmering above the elephant’s head. I also love how there appears to be a room of words to the right. I can imagine people in there talking, reading from good old books. It leaves a music of words floating in the air, soft and warm.

    • niya christine December 18, 2013   Reply →

      I hadn’t thought of the images above as dream artifacts. Nice! Thank you Will. And the room of words gives me an idea for another piece. Again… gracious.

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