The book is currently SOLD OUT. The Paperback edition and Digital versions release Fall 2014




I am teaching from the book here this summer.

FEATURED AUTHOR: The Art of Daily Cultivation reading at Sacred Grounds Cafe 7pm November 12: 2095 Hayes SF Ca. 415-387-3859



The Art of Daily Cultivation: A celebration of 365 story paintings is the result of a year of painting in monthly story themes. January 2013 I envisioned a 12 chapter book of 12 lively story themes. Each painting tells a story. For instance April was all about Cows and Canaries. The dynamics of these two organically unfit characters created easy fiction. Hal the Sensitive Cow is one of the few cows who has a love for the birds that generally annoy other cows. You will find him taking a long strut to the local pet store for a canary rescue.

The themes include Food & Wine, Word & Image, Coffee & Tea, Bunnies & Bicycles, Dogs & Doors and more. The book tells two stories — the story of my personal journey back to a creative habit I once loved and the stories of each day’s painting. As a fiction writer and image maker I was in heaven! And I hope you are too as you hold the clothbound hardback book in your hands. I’m thrilled by the quality of this product.

It’s a clothbound hardback with a gold plated embossed title on the spine. The  pages are 100# matt paper, 9 x 11′ with a heavyweight dust cover. I am not disappointed at all.

As many of you know this first limited edition printing was fully made possible by my Kickstarter patrons. I continue to be deeply grateful.


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Sample of the Galleys