The Aftermath

By Niya Christine. Copyright

#140/365 Paintings

They are wondering if it’s safe to examine the remains of their homes since narrowly escaping the tractor blades earlier that afternoon. The rabbit on the left is a dreamer. He would like to watch the sunset and be thankful to be alive. The rabbit on the right is a strategist/realist. He would like to see if his carefully hidden carrots and parsley are findable in the rubble. Neither of them will mention how happy they are that their families were out and about playing in the sunshine when the ceilings fell in. They wait quietly for their return — little night watchmen of large sharp machinery. Whew what a day!

Have a great Monday and make sure your carrots are findable should workday realities hit home. ; )

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  • WM Rine May 20, 2013   Reply →

    Mr. Real Life says: “Maybe that small-scale organic farm my nephew moved to, the one just across the creek, doesn’t sound so bad. The tractors have smaller wheels. He says.”

    Mr. Dreamer says: “Yeah, but the view. Don’t you want to wake up every morning and look out at this? This is the most beautiful place in the world.”

    Mr. Real Life says: “What I want to do is wake up in the morning. Everything else after that is gravy — or maybe I should say, extra leafage.”

    Mr. Dreamer says: “Maybe you’re right — strawberry season is only a few more weeks away.”

    • niya christine May 21, 2013   Reply →

      Ha ha ha… I laughed hard with this one. Okay, I surrender. You and me and book. You write and I’ll illustrate. You have these rabbits down!

  • kathy May 21, 2013   Reply →

    Oh yeah…save me a copy of that book!

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