That’s a Wrap


#367/365 Paintings

From the book: How to be an Explorer of the World. Portable life museum. Keri Smith.

“You are an explorer. Your mission is to document and observe the world around you as if you’ve never seen it before. Take notes. Collect things you find on your travels. Document your findings. Notice patterns. Copy. Trace. Focus on one thing as a time. Record what you are drawn to.”


I love this book and it seemed the perfect thing to leave you with after this year of exploring coffee, bunnies, cows, kites, Dr. Seuss, food, wine, horses, dogs, Europe, fishes, literary inspirations and more together. I’m overwhelmed that this project is coming to a close. If I didn’t have so many wonderful things to look forward to creating from it in 2014, I just might be too much of a puddle to conclude it. ; )

I have some wrap up pages for you. One is a calendar of ALL of the paintings over the year. It’s a quick way to see them all and click to the posts. The other is the reflections article I promised. It chronicles in short summation the beginning, middle and end of this project and a few practices that made it happy/healthy. Click on images below to get there.



I intend to keep you in the loop about gallery plans, Kickstarter book stuff, fun photos, coaching, articles and new works when the year long children’s book illustration study course begins in Jan. So this is not goodbye—just to this format. Still, I look forward to some down time — chocolate and bubbly.

H A P P Y   N E W  Y E A R’ S  Change is your friend. So am I!


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  • Nina Hansen Machotka December 30, 2013  

    I also left a comment on the Reflections page…but I want to leave one here as well. You know that I’ve been there with you every single day of this project. I’ve loved your paintings, your stories, your inspiration! You’ve given so much of yourself this year through this project, and we are the very fortunate receivers of this! I’m so, so proud to have one of the very early coffee works from January 2013, and I’m so very happy to have you in my life! xo. Nina.

    • niya christine December 30, 2013  

      Nina, your presence has been felt and deeply appreciated. I love your books, I love Pavel’s paintings, I love Italy. The fact that I was able to share this with you has been such a special treat for me. And yes, it took everything I had. But this is one project that will be paying forward for sometime. I learning so much I can barely wrap my mind around it. Maybe after some much needed rest. What a worthwhile endeavor. Especially as it brought people like you closer. I can’t wait to visit!