Teatime Afternoon

Watercolor by Niya Christine. "Teatime Afternoon." Copyright 2013


Some days that are all about teatime. Up in the morning and someone offers you tea. You meet friends later for tea in the afternoon. Suddenly a conversation takes a turn towards the deep and emotional. And now you and your troubled friend are sitting in your cozy kitchen at dusk having tea, offering comfort—tea and a few bites of banana nut bread. Even the stray cat outside wants to share in the communion. Some days are like this. These are the best days…


Project notes: It’s about 2 weeks now of painting daily. I started it during the holiday break. I expected the focus to get challenged when the work week kicked back in. And it has. Yesterday’s painting didn’t go well because I hurried through it. It took 1 hr. and 10 minutes and I cringed to post it. But posting bad paintings is just as important as the better ones. Today, I decided to take my time and enjoy every moment even if I spent 2 hours with today’s post. After I finished I looked at the clock. 30 minutes, my original goal. It’s all about state of mind isn’t it?

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  • Jean Vertefeuille-Cutler January 13, 2013  

    I LOVE the cat peeking in the window!

    • niya christine January 13, 2013  

      You see that? Good catch. ; )

  • WM Rine January 14, 2013  

    Love the notes … I’ve had those days when I’ve somehow gotten in the way of the voice, or i didn’t hear it well. I didn’t see the struggle in yesterday’s painting. Maybe that’s part of the learning — what is bad to us isn’t actually so.

    I imagined a cupful of orange tea with honey — what I make with the kids when we want a comfort cup of warmth in the evening. I love the teabag over the branch of the plant. It’s the little details.

    • niya christine January 14, 2013  

      Thanks WM. It helps to know that I’m not alone in having those kind of days. I’m not naturally patient. I have to work at it. When I rush through a painting to get on with the work day, it’s a habit challenger. The habit to get up and go to work. Yet, when I relax and let the painting happen, I have a better work day. Ah, the ironies.
      Also, I love that you notice the teabag on the branch. Yes..the details, the details!!!
      LOVE orange tea. And, camomile with honey is a staple. ; )

  • kathy January 14, 2013  

    This painting is so lovely and all the little details (the cat in the window, the teabag on the absolutely gorgeous orchid) show a lot of thought if not a lot of time. I’m so glad yo posted yesterday’s painting; it might not have been the best technically, but the concept was fun.