Tea Steeping + Spoons

Steeping-Tea-and-Spoons Watercolor by Niya Christine

I’m all about coffee but feel if I was a tad more refined—A-Okay with the zen of things, I would be all about the tea and have little teaspoons that roll up in a cloth and look beautiful in my kitchen. To illustrate this tea envy, I’ve written a story about a hillbilly girl who decides to give up coffee, move to London and be all about teatime and thought adventures with other tea going Londoners. The plot of this illustrated book is stuck. I have to buy into her dreams and aspirations right? At least for a moment. But then I brew another pot of coffee and find myself trying to woo her back to coffee. The author is biased. If I were a bit more Zen, I’d neutrally thread her along on her journey, yes? Yes. Sigh…


Project notes. Well, it’s day 2 and I’m still staying on schedule 30 minute paintings 10-15 minutes for posting. I’m a little afraid that I’ll get so into this I’ll start spending full mornings on it. But a girl has to earn a living, so I’ll keep to the schedule and keep on keeping on. Happy day to you!

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