Tamara Greenleaf: “DUO”


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Tamara Greenleaf: Excerpt from novel-in-progress, “DUO”

I was so overtaken I didn’t notice the moment when the surface tension of reality started to change. By the time I saw what was happening, my existence had stretched and thinned, as though the physical world was a flat membrane being pulled down into a swirl of nothing. I made a clawing attempt to keep from going over that metaphysical edge, but it was too late. My boundaries of bone and flesh dissolved and I was sucked down into the hole, free-falling in white-hot panic with no voice, no sight, no body, only the sheer speed of plunging into what I knew from experience would be an endless abyss.


Zowie. I felt that! I’m completely IN. Tamara, finish and publish fast! Your readers are waiting.

You can find Tamara’s author page here> Tamara FB Author Page — Let’s give her our support with a thumbs up “like.”

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  • WM Rine December 16, 2013   Reply →

    Wow, nice one, both of you. I love how you layered this … It looks as if the words are falling and flattening as you read.

  • niya christine December 16, 2013   Reply →

    Yes, this is how I felt when I read the passage. Falling like Alice into a new adventure. Thank you WM!!!

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