(Tea) Bags of Character

(Tea) Bags of Character. #4/365 Paintings for 2013. By Niya Christine

#4/365 Paintings for 2013

When it comes to the art of tea I have not met serious tea go-ers who promote the teabag. “The leaves must unfurl naturally,” they might say. And, “the materials of the bags interfere with the elegance of the leaves,” they say with a lilt of an accent only tea connoisseurs share. Almost as though the bag itself is as much of an affront to the language of tea as a box of wine to artisanal wine appreciators.

Well, all of this makes me think that teabags have had a hard go of it—character building experiences. All that constriction inside the bag and gossip in tea society. Poor things! Little bags of character…


Project notes: I realize that working small and with black ink can be problematic when making expressive faces. I might do another one of this concept. It’s a fun story to mash around in.