Guilty Dog Spilled the Beans

Guilty Dog Spilled the Beans. Painting by Niya Christine. Copyright

#29/365 Paintings

Hmmm, I dunno… does he look guilty enough? And do you think this is all the damage this puppy caused? I think he has the blushing red-I’m a bad bad boy-I’ll never do it again-look, down pat. I think he’s new to the family. After spending too many mornings waiting for his puppy chow because his posh parents had to grind their coffee to a fine espresso powder for cappuccino, he’s a bit jealous. In fact, it’s worse than that. I think he has those beans hopping in fright at night while the household sleeps. His growls and puppy threats might make us laugh. But for the beans, this guy is a monster.

So, before making that lush cup of coffee, give your puppy a cuddle and some chow. Less beans spilled in the long run.


Project notes: Radio interview Tuesday night. KSVY Bay Area about the what’s, why’s and how’s of painting daily.

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Essence of Evening Primrose

Watercolor by Niya Sisk. Evening Primrose. Copyright

#26/365 Paintings 2013

Have you ever wondered what evening primrose flowers and teacups do at night when we aren’t looking? They aren’t sharing corn dogs at a carnival or taking Budweiser baths in a mosh pit. Nope, they are in their true nature under the moonlight doing the work of flavor enrichment. So the next time you drink a cup of evening primrose tea you will have the behinds the scenes view of the flower and cup in their birthday suits — making our tea extra-special-yummy!

Sleepy Time Girl

"Sleepy Time Girl" Watercolor by Niya Christine. Copyright 2013

#22/365 Paintings 2013

This will be a very short story…

…about a girl who drank Sleepy Time tea and fell into a luxurious afternoon nap with her cats. The cats didn’t need herbal tea to become the lumps you see in this painting. Nope, not these cats.

By the way, this is the packaging label I want on my Sleepytime tea box. I would buy a lot of it and maybe take more much needed naps. ; )

Hare Communion

Gouache Painting by Niya Christine 17/365. Copyright 2013


Yeah, I’m kind of thinking it’s their first date.

Since rabbits are nocturnal, they are having a nice, calm, measured talk after a night of adventures and playing. She’s says “You almost had that cat outsmarted. You could have done it, had the owners not woken up to the ruckus.” “Yeah, he reflects and wiggles his whiskers… next time, I’ll draw her out. You know how cats are… all about the ego. I’ll tell her not to get her whiskers twisted up, when I out run her.” She clicks her tea cup against his coffee cup and says “Righto.” He laughs and says… “I love your Aussie/New Zealand accent. I’m a simple Californian boy myself. I drink strong coffee and have macho DNA. But you? You are a wild, well traveled, exotic, sweet, beautiful Aussie at heart who drinks tea.”

She giggles, they sip their coffee and tea and he looks at her spots and flirtatiously flicks his hind foot and says, “I’d like to see you again.”

“Yes… ” She bats her eyes and her chunky cheeks puff up in female rabbit fashion, “… you’re my best mate.”


Tea Steeping + Spoons

Steeping-Tea-and-Spoons Watercolor by Niya Christine

I’m all about coffee but feel if I was a tad more refined—A-Okay with the zen of things, I would be all about the tea and have little teaspoons that roll up in a cloth and look beautiful in my kitchen. To illustrate this tea envy, I’ve written a story about a hillbilly girl who decides to give up coffee, move to London and be all about teatime and thought adventures with other tea going Londoners. The plot of this illustrated book is stuck. I have to buy into her dreams and aspirations right? At least for a moment. But then I brew another pot of coffee and find myself trying to woo her back to coffee. The author is biased. If I were a bit more Zen, I’d neutrally thread her along on her journey, yes? Yes. Sigh…


Project notes. Well, it’s day 2 and I’m still staying on schedule 30 minute paintings 10-15 minutes for posting. I’m a little afraid that I’ll get so into this I’ll start spending full mornings on it. But a girl has to earn a living, so I’ll keep to the schedule and keep on keeping on. Happy day to you!