Coming Home


#191/365 Paintings

There’s something about a horse, when they are coming home. Coming home after a day of running, eating, loving, parenting, brawling, discovering new places and eats. Home to rest and restore for another day.


Project notes: This is a finger painting.

Red Rocks Abstract


#190/365 Paintings

“We didn’t inherit the earth. We are borrowing it from our children.” ~ Native American Proverb

I had to throw those red rocks into the mix. There are so many natural caves in the red rocks of Sedona. I sometimes think I’m seeing an adobe home carved into the rock. Same feel, just a bit higher in the sky.


Project notes: Traveling and painting has it’s logistical challenges. We are in a hotel room at the moment after a lovely vacation home with a stunning view of the red rocks of Sedona. I meet with an Adobe builder tomorrow and move into another inspiring home on Saturday. I look forward to having a large table to spread out the project out on and really dive into this next week. See you after the weekend. Happy weekend everyone!

Adobe Abstract


#189/365 Paintings

Of course I have had the thought… what compels me to learn about and paint about bricks of clay, sand, fibrous grasses and manure? It’s really the service of this organic material to the human story. Much like the horses they are extremely durable — they work hard for their space in the world. Clay lumps of old beauty.