Coffee Bar ~ Drunk Pigeon

#3/365 | Coffee Bar~Drunk Pigeon Painting by Niya Christine

I think this Coffee Bar is somewhere tucked away down a cobblestone street in Italy. It wouldn’t be too odd to see a pigeon who’d had a few too many in these parts.

On an abstract… but somewhat related note, I learned today that color plays a vital role in the feeding behavior of young birds. More vital than I originally thought. The yellow of a baby’s robin’s throat is “releaser” signal to the parent to feed the baby. The color signal is so powerful that a parent will drop food into any begging baby bird with the same color and throat shape. Wow.. a little loyalty over here, please! I wonder if our drunk pigeon had some baby issues like this? We’ll never know. But he lives in Italy so it can’t be all that bad.


Project notes: This is super fun. I can’t believe I get to do it for a whole year. I think light source might take the full year to really get it right. In the meantime, I keep discovering new things. In this painting I discovered a slightly Faux painting effect when ‘staining’ the paper by applying pigment and then sponging it up quickly. I continued this with many colors for the walls of the building. I like how it deepened the overall texture.