Painting Intermission to Honor Molly

MOLLY |  2008 - 2013

MOLLY | 2008 – 2013

My rabbit, Molly died last night. She had an internal disease that was undetectable until it was too late. The many gracious gifts of support from people have been pouring in today. One gift in particular really got to me. A card that brilliantly highlighted the energy/purpose of rabbits in our lives.

Rabbit’s gifts to the human(s) in their life includes moving through fear, living by one’s wits, quick thinking, strength of intuition and paradox.

Paradox is a good word for how I’m feeling about the painting theme and the fact that I lost a very special friend today. My first thought was that I would be too sad to paint rabbits for another 3 weeks. But as the day passed, I’m more interested in how painting might help celebrate the gift of her. And, wow was she ever. I’m convinced that love is love no matter the species. If what brings you joy is your dog, child, dear friend, spouse or a pink bat in your garage that makes you giggle before you drive to work in the morning—love is rewriting it all every day. I’m grateful for this one. She made me laugh every day. Full of love and sass.

The story of how I met and fell in love with Molly rabbit is here (titled: In Memory of Molly) for the next few days.

Painting resumes tomorrow. Thank you.