Baa… Ba… Ba… BOOTS!

Painting by Niya Christine. Copyright

#56/365 Paintings

This post is dedicated to a subscriber and friend, Janine Harris (Neen). She hit the daily painting Jukebox with the request of wild, stomping boots. I realized there was no getting around this one. Boots are all about character! Great request Neen!

I’ve always been more of a boot girl than high healed shoes. In fact, I’m super keen in finding somewhat heeled shoes with boot rubber soles that bounce when you walk. Boots after all, have that “I’m ready for anything life has to throw at me today.” I’ll admit the whole boot thing went too far when I became mildly addicted to a kick boxing class in college. But other than that… lumber jack boots don’t look bad with printed dresses on a first date. For me, not a bad test of character in my date. And if you just need to walk all day. Hiking boots. Why not? They come in so many colors these days. What about a big talk with mom? Definitely cowgirl boots, or high boots to cover the fact that you forgot to shave. And mom’s have a way of seeing through phones. And, Uggs are fabulous for what Janine does a lot – trek through the snow. They are also great for a fancy meeting in Santa Fe New Mexico when you need warm feet to think. I learning this first hand. But on those crazy work days with more deadlines than brain cells? Lumber jack boots all the way. Gravity is the silver bullet on days like this.

Thanks Neen! Now go get on your super mom boots today and do what you do everyday… Be Fantastic and Awesome!