Love Shapes the Music

Love Shapes the Music. Watercolor by Niya Christine. Copyright

#35/365 Paintings

Music is now so much a part of our politics, work, entertainment, spiritual/religious lives (not to mention in the shower family entertainment) that it’s hard to imagine a time when it wasn’t yet discovered. Nobody knows where the first song came from. An archeological dig in the Ukraine has uncovered 20,000-year-old flutes made of wooly mammoth bones. Blowing air over hole in a bone produced a pleasurable sound that created the flute. Sound was shaped into writable notes and in the Gutenberg era printed on paper — a massive game changer and influencer of culture. Music just might be one of the most innocent inventions of love we have. Besides love for another. The need to outline feelings in sound has a large and long history. Can you imagine a world without it? I can’t!