Those Wild Air Balloons

Painting by Niya Christine. Copyright

#90/365 Paintings

Final painting for the month of March. I had so much fun with this theme. It started by thinking about kite flying near the Golden Gate bridge some years back in March. And then the flowers started blooming in my front yard. Lavender and a few wild flowers. Thus, March became all about flowers and fabric (kites, hot air balloons, billowy dresses). Fun, fun, fun!

Happy Easter!

Hot Air Balloon, A Bird, A House, A Prairie

Painting by Niya Christine. Copyright

#82/365 Paintings

I would imagine that houses every hundred years or so might want to go on walk about in the sky. Yesterday’s painting as Will so aptly put it was like a hot air balloon traffic jam. So true. Those houses must have been very excited for an adventure. And hot air balloons don’t have much of a reputation for self control. The two houses on the right hand side there? They are waiting their turn.

H A P P Y  S A T U R D A Y folks. Have a wonderful weekend. I have a couple of wood paintings coming your way next I’m excited about.

Project notes: This is from parts of another wild and crazy painting from this past week. And… well, I needed to have mercy on you (and me). This is a combination of that painting, a vintage stock photo and my digital kitchen {Photoshop}.


Hot Air Balloons Galore {backwards birds}

Painting by Niya Christine. Copyright

#81/365 Paintings

Well now, I think even the birds got caught up in the whoosh of air flying as I painted this. It started out innocently enough. The thought to just play and take a break from the intense concentration of previous weeks in class. And then suddenly the paint is flying. And behold, the veritable mess. Poor little birdies, they have to learn to fly upside down in this painting. Fun painting session though.