Canary Poses for Cardboard

Painting by Niya Christine. Copyright

#92/365 Paintings

Some birds eat cardboard, while others… like our little actress here, poses for it. I like her. She’s all fluffed up for the camera, ready for action. Even her feet are bouncy for excitement.

Project notes: This is the top of a cardboard box I used for Dakota (my rabbit’s) medicine. It was making me clumsy every time I opened it. So I ripped it off the top to use for a surface to protect my kitchen table while painting, and it turned into this. This canary has game.

Beans in Suits on the Beach

6/365 Project: Beans_Suits Painting by Niya Christine. Copyright 2013

#6/365 Paintings for 2013

I had a very serious paragraph in mind for this painting. It had to do with the craft of packaging and the history of 17th century paper. But every time I looked at beans in their packages, they made me laugh and think of Wall Street. Bean-heads in suits running around counting, plotting and planning — private jets to the beach on any given day. So, I had to give the beans a new title and a beach to make the painting complete.

This morning I read a bit about Matisse from an 11 year old girl’s school project in NYC. She was intrigued that Matisse didn’t start his scissor art until the age of 71 when he could no longer stand and paint because he was sick in bed. He worked until the day he died. His cut out figures are now a national monument to art. It took 51 years for him to strike the public vein in a significant way. Well, I was so moved that I cut out some orange chiffon paper and made clouds and glued it onto the sky in this painting. Matisse’s clouds; an homage.

I do hope I find my artistic stride before the age of 71. On the other hand, simply painting everyday is changing all the molecules around in my life and plans. Apparently, happiness leads it’s own daily design.

Happy Sunday. Enjoy the beans!