#314/365 Paintings

Honestly, I should be painting goldfish every day this month in repentance for how many I’ve killed. Accidentally. But still. They are so peaceful and so, well, golden.

So this is a partial tribute to goldfish and the children they’ve made happy. They sacrifice in grace.

My Whale


#313/365 Paintings

So possessive… me and my whale! Well, when I was in Kauai HI some years back I had an experience meeting my whale. I was woken by the sounds of whales singing loudly close by. It was the deepest sound/harmonic sound I’ve ever heard. I stayed awake to hear all that I could that night. And I knew I’d paint her someday.

Also, I was reminded of the beauty of whales today as I viewed the photography of Don Baccus, nature photographer (amongst other things). Just amazing what he captures. I encourage to check out his FB page.

507 Year Old Clam and a Barking Snail


312/365 Paintings

This is how I imagine Ming the clam  lived before researchers meddled. The snail takes her job seriously. As innocent and peaceful as the fish on the right look, she’s ready to defend the oldest living animal in the world. At least she was, until forces larger than herself took over.

Thank you WM Rine for bringing this to my attention. I generally can’t accommodate requests, but this one tugged too hard on my heart strings.

REQUEST: “Your fish have been enlivening my mailbox each day this month. Before we’re done with the month, I’d like to make a request for your lovely art on behalf of Ming the clam, who, until some researchers got to poking around it to see how old it was, was the oldest living animal on earth. I’m sure your magic would make this less upsetting.”

Fish Secrets


#310/365 Paintings

Fish! They wouldn’t want us to know how much goes on at the bottom of the sea. And it gets really interesting in those portals to the center of the earth. Down deep in the sea, they so beautiful our minds can’t get a wrap on it. And, they talk more. It has something to do with what they hear through the walls of the earth. If you think your family, housemates, visitors can hear things! They have nothing on fish. Fish hear from the edges of their gils all the way through every little atom in their beautiful little bodies. But they won’t tell anyone. They are secretive because they have no use for the information.

Since, I’m painting them, I felt you should know.

Parisian Fish


#307/365 Paintings

What’s the difference between a fish born and raised in Paris vs. the States?

… Ahem! Well, here’s the short list:

  • They are popular to eat and milk it for what it’s worth. They make you earn any interaction with them.
  • They cuss in all languages. Paris is a a highly traffic’d International center. They’ve heard it all. They pick stuff up quickly.
  • They are as amorous as the French without the ego. They take ‘pretty’ for granted. They are admired and sought after by all brands of fish and gender.
  • They spit on you before you kill them to eat them.
  • They are picky about what you feed them. They know a good meal.
  • They love their mothers like a religion.

Well, that’s the short list. The long list would drive you bananas, so I’ll spare you.

City Fish


#304/365 Paintings

Ever wondered what fish do in our cities when we aren’t looking? Which is a lot, given how busy cities can be. Here’s a peek. But don’t tell them your source. Fish are more fierce than you might imagine. And, you don’t want to lose your daily painter do you?


Project notes: I was in the hardware store looking at paint chips and took a bunch home. I wanted to learn how to mix new color combinations. I got lazy and glued the chips to my paper and painted over them. ; )


It’s a Jungle in Here


#303/365 Paintings

“Fred I can’t find Georgia.”

“Just look for the orange-like-pink sparkle.”

“Oh, I think that’s her. No, another coral reef. Damn Fred, I’ve been at this for days.”


Fish have all this color but no color coding system. They are mute genius’s the way they scout around — lumps of kaleidoscopal beauty.


Project note: Everything in this painting was a new discovery—from materials to happy accidents. What a thrilling day.