Fish Secrets


#310/365 Paintings

Fish! They wouldn’t want us to know how much goes on at the bottom of the sea. And it gets really interesting in those portals to the center of the earth. Down deep in the sea, they so beautiful our minds can’t get a wrap on it. And, they talk more. It has something to do with what they hear through the walls of the earth. If you think your family, housemates, visitors can hear things! They have nothing on fish. Fish hear from the edges of their gils all the way through every little atom in their beautiful little bodies. But they won’t tell anyone. They are secretive because they have no use for the information.

Since, I’m painting them, I felt you should know.

Some Dogs Walk on Water


#286/365 Paintings

Some dogs walk on water to some cats who get rescued by such a dog. This dog for instance… his name is Sam. He loves this pink cat (can you tell?). Sam knows that he likes water a lot more than Pinkie. And has some mastery over the molecules. Sam also knows that sometimes Pinkie fake drowns to get him to rescue her. She’s got a bit of a crush. They do look happy together, don’t they?



#284/365 Paintings

This guy is a stud. A 2 year old coyote who hunts all day long for his women. And there are many. This is him coming in after his explorations. He’s kind of a stash it as you go guy. So he has treasure maps in his head to take his dates on for picnics. He’s a trickster when it comes to hunting games. And, when it comes to love, he’s all heart, soul, commitment — with every single one.


Santorini Greece


#280/365 Paintings

If the salt air wasn’t enough to make you swoon… or the soft wafting sounds of sail boats—those stairs really do take you to the top of the/your world.


Project notes: Can you tell I’m a kid in a candy store with the doors all over the world? More of a paint sculpture activity than painting. I call this art… the art of repression—which happens every fall when it’s my busiest season with work. The paintings provide big fun and release. Like a good glass of Merlot, popcorn and an Adam Sandler movie. Sounds good… okay, that’s next. ; )

Portofino Italy


#279/365 Paintings

Oh you know how it is… you’re cruising around Portofino in your high leather boots, the smell of perfume, sausages cooking and the sea air making you dizzy. And then suddenly a wall of doors and a distressed poodle. So much possibility and responsibility all at once. Do you pet the doggie, walk into one of those inviting rooms, cool boots in step with curiosities? Or, perhaps another idea or decision that makes you a new story in your life in this scene. Because… after all, this is Italy and you are you, and the sea is just on the other side of these doors.