Java Jamboree

12/365. Watercolor by Niya Christine. "Java Jamboree." Copyright 2013

Ah… those poor beans just when life is about as good as it gets—dancing in the vastly expressive bell of the sax, at the top of sound. But then nature vs. nurture hits, nature wins and their journey takes a turn to bits — then to our liquid cup of dreams. I think of the sacrifice of salmon. One moment they are dancing upstream, the next they are sushi. Thank you beans for putting your essence before your existence. We love you!


Project Notes: This is the only drawing so far this month that has a previous lifespan. I discovered the sketch in an old design notebook at the bottom of a box in the garage. It was a concept of 3 for the roll out of a new product for Sun Microsystems, their opening software screen design. I had always wanted to paint it but had forgotten all about it. The dancing beans got resurrected. YAY!