Kissing Kettles

Kissing Kettles.  18/365 Watercolor by Niya Christine.  Copyright 2013

18/365 Paintings 2013

Traditional teapots & kettles are so classy, pretty and elegant they make coffee pots look like monster trucks in comparison. As I painted this dainty version of tea personality, I wondered about the industrial design of the teapot. I found a creation story for tea and fun facts about the teapot.

A Buddhist monk who travelled to China from India in the 5th century CE. During his fifth year of a seven year meditiation undertaken to prove his faith, he became sleepy. In an effort to remain focussed he cut off his offending eyelids and threw them onto the ground, whence sprang the tea plant.

Ew! Now… for the actual teapot. Teapots were first tea-bowls in the Ming Dynasty era (1368-1644) made from clay. Clay because it absorbs the healing and spiritual properties of the leaf… and in a word, makes us smarter and more enlightened over time. I didn’t know that. Cool! Also, if I were technically correct, this painting would be titled: Kissing Pots – but that only invites strange and twisted comments… so “Kissing Kettles” it is. And they look so happy kissing and wafting away in their beautiful enlightened moment of love.

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