Blue Cake


#161/365 Paintings

Seeing a bit of theme here? I’m also the type to order dessert before dinner. A berry cake would make a very blue cake. But I’m curious about a blue corn inspired sweet cake recipe. What I found is the perfect combination. Blue corn cake soaked in wild blueberry sauce. Served warm with whipped cream. What a wonderful combo. This recipe is from “Kokopelli’s Cookbook.”

ps: I promise you won’t get brown, peach, black, yellow, red or purple cake tomorrow. Nope. Tomorrow’s painting is wildly different.


Green Cake

Copyright. Niya Christine

#160/365 Paintings

What is it about cake that makes me want to paint it a lot? The shape? Pizza is similar, but I’m not as inspired. Oh.. duh, cake… tastes SO GOOD. This is my way of living vicariously through cake.

Green cake? Mint, zucchini? Pistachio? YUP, that’s it. I found a really beautiful recipe for it too. Pistachio cake.

You Get Cake

Copyright. Niya Christine

#154/365 Paintings

I gained 2.5 lbs. while painting this. You get buttermilk chocolate cake, I get vicarious poundage. The imagination is a powerful thing. ; )

By the way, I would love a really yummy buttermilk chocolate cake recipe. If you have one, please leave in the comments section. I’ll share in the next cake recipe. I hope to paint more cakes safely in the future.