Birds … they love paint


There are actually six birds in this painting and three different paintings under it. I was inspired to recycle all paintings in my stack I no longer liked after taking the abstract painting class. I felt wild and actually thought I’d get them all done in a week. Four weeks later this crazy bird painting is finally done. The last painting session was in dim light. When I saw the result in the light of day, it made me giggle. A joyful mess of paint … for sure.

5 ft x 5 ft Finger + Palette Knife Oil Painting

5 ft x 5 ft Finger + Palette Knife Oil Painting

And it used to be this:


And then this:

The history of paint

The history of paint

The canvas is thick with paint and marks. It’s been a fun journey. Onward!


The “Real” Birdsong

By Niya Christine. Copyright

#106/365 Paintings

Have you ever been woken up in the morning by layers and layers of birdsongs? Birds have secrets. If you look closely you’ll see how resourced they are. They’ve even inspired the chimney to belt out a tune — the birds and their songs fly from their lungs. Birds! They just aren’t happy with one tweet and then another in monosyllable fashion. At least until we fragile humans have had our coffee.

Social Lives of Country Canaries

By Niya Christine. Copyright

#103/365 Paintings

Unlike the city canaries, the country canaries don’t need fancy escape strategies for sunset happy hour. These particular country folk only cage the animals that might eat them or be in danger of being eaten. The canaries… they come and go freely and their songs are heard in every direction. The thing is, if you look closely, compared to the city bunch… well, there are fewer of them. And, are some of them napping? They do seem a bit more laid back as canaries go. They also seem to raise the color frequency around them. Those canaries!

Hot Air Balloons Galore {backwards birds}

Painting by Niya Christine. Copyright

#81/365 Paintings

Well now, I think even the birds got caught up in the whoosh of air flying as I painted this. It started out innocently enough. The thought to just play and take a break from the intense concentration of previous weeks in class. And then suddenly the paint is flying. And behold, the veritable mess. Poor little birdies, they have to learn to fly upside down in this painting. Fun painting session though.


Lazy Brilliant Birds

Painting by Niya Christine. Copyright

#61/365 Paintings

Sometimes birds just need a pick me up. Sometimes, they just need a break—to have the option of first class instead of coach. I like these birds. They are my kind of birds. ; )


Today was a stunning day. Full of the smells of flowers and the promise of more air. I love good air. It’s the best thing! Have a great weekend!