It’s the “I don’t give a rat’s butt about apple pie!” Apple Pie.


#173/365 Paintings

It’s true. After Birthday party number 5 I never wanted to see another morsel of food again, much less paint it. Even my toes bulge out of my socks right now and the rabbits are leaving a bit of carrot for me after their breakfast. It’s the only safe food.

But alas, here is a very bright colored Apple Pie. And it is summer, so for you… here is a sweet recipe. In fact it’s a video recipe.


Project Notes: I wondered when it would happen. When I would hit the wall and want a nice long break from painting. I’m there. Taking weekends off is a good start. But why couldn’t I have titled this project 365 painting minus 76 because I’m wobbly human? Silly, silly, silly redhead. Deep breath. It’s a process.