Social Lives of City Canaries

Painting by Niya Christine. Copyright

#102/365 Paintings

When it comes to the “party/happy hour/sunset” — where all things “chat” occur — canaries take this time very seriously. No matter how much they love their city people, their various sugar coated seeds, and wooden toys, they find a way OUT of the apartment to the high wires in the sky. And they chat like they’ve never heard the sounds before. Every single note… something to be admired and repeated again and again and again. Until the pigeons come over and lay down the law or they feel one too many electrical currents.

City canaries… they know the value of a good conversation.

Skeeter and Jed

Copyright Niya Christine Painting. April 2013 Theme.

#91/365 Paintings

Meet Skeeter and Jed. They are brothers. Can you tell which one is the mommy’s boy? I don’t think his brother is fooled though. I have a feeling you might see a few more Skeeters and Jed’s this month. Along with a couple of Rosie’s and Jezzabel’s. ; D

Project notes: I do love the transition from one theme to the next. But this month I’m extra excited. The new toolbox that’s developed from last month has given me tons of new ideas and directions I want to try out. Also, this summer is shaping up to be full of travel adventures. Spring fever has hit in Niya-land.

Elder People Love…

Watercolor by Niya Christine. 365 Paintings

#38/365 Paintings

You know what I think? The dog is a boy and both these fellas really, really love the beautiful woman in the sleeping bonnet. The dog watches over her… while her hubby inches closer and closer to her all night until she is almost off the bed. In the morning she says, “Harv… you did it again!” The dog kisses her face, she giggles while Harv snores on. She got used to the snoring years ago. It’s like the sea coaxing her to sleep every night now. Ah… they are so cute I want to adopt them.

Sleepy Time Girl

"Sleepy Time Girl" Watercolor by Niya Christine. Copyright 2013

#22/365 Paintings 2013

This will be a very short story…

…about a girl who drank Sleepy Time tea and fell into a luxurious afternoon nap with her cats. The cats didn’t need herbal tea to become the lumps you see in this painting. Nope, not these cats.

By the way, this is the packaging label I want on my Sleepytime tea box. I would buy a lot of it and maybe take more much needed naps. ; )

Kissing Kettles

Kissing Kettles.  18/365 Watercolor by Niya Christine.  Copyright 2013

18/365 Paintings 2013

Traditional teapots & kettles are so classy, pretty and elegant they make coffee pots look like monster trucks in comparison. As I painted this dainty version of tea personality, I wondered about the industrial design of the teapot. I found a creation story for tea and fun facts about the teapot.

A Buddhist monk who travelled to China from India in the 5th century CE. During his fifth year of a seven year meditiation undertaken to prove his faith, he became sleepy. In an effort to remain focussed he cut off his offending eyelids and threw them onto the ground, whence sprang the tea plant.

Ew! Now… for the actual teapot. Teapots were first tea-bowls in the Ming Dynasty era (1368-1644) made from clay. Clay because it absorbs the healing and spiritual properties of the leaf… and in a word, makes us smarter and more enlightened over time. I didn’t know that. Cool! Also, if I were technically correct, this painting would be titled: Kissing Pots – but that only invites strange and twisted comments… so “Kissing Kettles” it is. And they look so happy kissing and wafting away in their beautiful enlightened moment of love.

Subscribers Note: I’ve so loved your emails to me. Full of insight and stories. If you would like to stay private, that’s okay. But if you want to share the love on the post, there is now a comments link here in your daily painting email.Your words always perks me up! Thank you and Ta ta!

Teatime Afternoon

Watercolor by Niya Christine. "Teatime Afternoon." Copyright 2013


Some days that are all about teatime. Up in the morning and someone offers you tea. You meet friends later for tea in the afternoon. Suddenly a conversation takes a turn towards the deep and emotional. And now you and your troubled friend are sitting in your cozy kitchen at dusk having tea, offering comfort—tea and a few bites of banana nut bread. Even the stray cat outside wants to share in the communion. Some days are like this. These are the best days…


Project notes: It’s about 2 weeks now of painting daily. I started it during the holiday break. I expected the focus to get challenged when the work week kicked back in. And it has. Yesterday’s painting didn’t go well because I hurried through it. It took 1 hr. and 10 minutes and I cringed to post it. But posting bad paintings is just as important as the better ones. Today, I decided to take my time and enjoy every moment even if I spent 2 hours with today’s post. After I finished I looked at the clock. 30 minutes, my original goal. It’s all about state of mind isn’t it?