Stack O’ Oreo’s


#170/365 Paintings

I’m a cookie monster. I don’t even try to eat cookies that are healthy anymore. If it’s a cookie it’s fair game. Oreos are my worst offenders. Sometimes, I’ll go into health food stores just to avoid that food aisle by miles of road. This is my stack of Oreo’s set against beautiful rolling hills and an orange sunset, just to show off their awesomeness. I would like to find a shop in SF that specializes in the great Oreo. But until then, there is Anthony’s Cookies. Wow, what a staging of flavors. I wonder if Anthony loved cookies so much he painted them too… hmmm.


Project notes: I had a wonderful birthday today. And, while everything has changed studio wise being in SF, the comfort of painting daily remains the same. I look forward to the challenges of the traveling studio this summer.

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One comment

  • Dave June 20, 2013  

    barns await you