Some Dogs Walk on Water


#286/365 Paintings

Some dogs walk on water to some cats who get rescued by such a dog. This dog for instance… his name is Sam. He loves this pink cat (can you tell?). Sam knows that he likes water a lot more than Pinkie. And has some mastery over the molecules. Sam also knows that sometimes Pinkie fake drowns to get him to rescue her. She’s got a bit of a crush. They do look happy together, don’t they?

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  • WM Rine October 23, 2013  

    After Sam rescues her, Pinkie knows how to bristle her claws in his fur, just right: the perfect backscratch. And Pinkie knows how to get up on the counter to see what food might have been left up there. On lucky days, when mom and pop leave out the leftover bratwurst or the grilled chicken, Pinkie packs it up and they can head out the doggie door and down to the meadow for a picnic.

    • niya christine October 23, 2013  

      I love it… the Pinkie and Sam love story. Another children’s book in the making. How many do we have now William?

      • WM Rine October 23, 2013  

        As long as you’re painting, I can keep going. They come from the painting, not from me.