Social Lives of City Canaries

Painting by Niya Christine. Copyright

#102/365 Paintings

When it comes to the “party/happy hour/sunset” — where all things “chat” occur — canaries take this time very seriously. No matter how much they love their city people, their various sugar coated seeds, and wooden toys, they find a way OUT of the apartment to the high wires in the sky. And they chat like they’ve never heard the sounds before. Every single note… something to be admired and repeated again and again and again. Until the pigeons come over and lay down the law or they feel one too many electrical currents.

City canaries… they know the value of a good conversation.

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  • WM Rine April 13, 2013  

    This morning when I first looked at this I imagined it as a mural, a whole wall in a kid’s room filled with this. And then I thought, I want to live in that room.

    I like how this one blends your trademark watercolor look with the playful splash you’ve been getting with your mixed media. All of this work you’ve been experimenting with this winter is really maturing into something very fine.

    • niya christine April 14, 2013  

      Love that idea. I would want to live there too. And it’s super cool that you see the mixed media. I’m really enjoying the expansion of artistic tools and materials. It’s very imagination inviting. Thank you again for your fabulous support. It’s the best.

  • Daniel P April 16, 2013  

    2nd favorite one yet!
    Soft and hard colors and lines and textures and light and dark. Power lines remind me of guide wires for a big top. Been thinking about it for days.

    • niya christine April 16, 2013  

      I’m so happy you like it. I feel like I’ve grown new fingers with the new learnings lately. Having fun.