Simon the Thinker


#288/365 Paintings

This is Simon.

When Simon’s family comes home this is how they often see him. He sits or lays long on the couch. He observes, he yawns, he sighs. You kind of want to give him a cigar. Simon is a big dog. And when he’s particularly obsessed on a thought, he weighs the whole couch down—his body and brain bear down for intense concentration. His family has designated this couch the dog-prose-couch. They are convinced he’s writing the great book of  D O G  somewhere that we measly humans could never understand. They are further convinced by this fact because they have yet to catch him in the act of sleeping. He’s always got one eye on the trigger — his observation channel piqued for the good stuff.

I think he has his eye on us right now.


Project notes: I have been working 10 hour days at my design biz lately. All colors/acts of absent-mindness abound. Today’s was… I was 3/4 of the way through Simon’s painting (at night) when I realized the white paint wasn’t working right. In fact, it hadn’t been all week. Turns out I was using oil paint. I baked Simon in the oven for a bit, to make the post tonight. Poor Simon. What he must be thinking!

See you Monday. Happy weekend folks!


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