Siamese Fighting Fish and the Hopeful Survivor


#311/365 Paintings

Aggressive? But they are so pretty and feed on plankton and mosquito larvae. What I find striking is how they puff out their beautiful gills to appear more impressive to the opposite sex. But the same behavior is used to start a fight. Hmmm… the Freudian brain can get a little crazy on that one.

I want to thank Dennis Gentry  for the inspiration for this one.

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  • WM Rine November 19, 2013  

    The fish appears to be bursting out a blossom. I was thinking how aggressiveness and conflict are an unusual flower in this case, and yet a flower they appear to be. A beautiful burst of life for a greying late-fall day.

    • niya christine November 20, 2013  

      Bursting out of a blossom. I love that thought. And the wild unknown of friend or foe?