Shopping Love

Painting by Niya Christine. Copyright

#48/365 Paintings

Shopping love is just another name for girlfriend love. Time to spend all day long catching up around beautiful clothes, nice smelling shops, good food, a bit of white wine. I honestly can’t recall a day like this that wasn’t exquisite.


 Project notes: I’m definitely in experimentation mode. Notice the drastic changes in styles? I’ve just learned a bunch of new things this past week. Making mistakes and discovering new things in front of you… but that was always the case. I just notice it more now with my new multimedia playground.

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  • WM Rine February 17, 2013  

    I love the sunny orange and the umbrellas. Umbrellas are winter equipment in a lot of places but up here in Minnesota they are signs of Spring and Summer, not only because that’s when it rains here. In the summer the kids used to get out all our colored umbrellas and make forts on the green lawn. This painting makes me feel warm like one of those light summer afternoons.

    • niya christine February 17, 2013  

      Love that image of umbrella’s in the summer on green lawns. Thank you. Also, March will be many kites, balloons and umbrellas. I can’t wait for all the color to happen.