September Follows the Quirks & Curiosities



I’m so glad August was a WildCard month. It moved so fast, the freedom to paint any ol’ thing was nice. Now catching up on sleep and settling into the familiar routine with a stocked studio and selling prints again, September promises to be very satisfying and fun. Quirk, wit, surprise and the same blank-canvas-spirit that fueled summer travel will guide the way this month. 125 paintings to go to reach the original goal. Sometimes I have to pinch myself that this project continues to go on. It continues to delight and inspire me even when (especially this summer during travel) I’m so tired my head feels stuffed with gibberish and cotton candy.

August brought some fun surprises. I fell in love with a Llama names Swami on a farm in West Linn where we stayed for a week. I still think of him. He was a comedian. He liked to show off his teeth, especially when he ate apples. And a new children’s book character was born in Odis the observant dog. And the spontaneous fish series at the end was energizing. I just might need to do some more of that. To see the thumbnail view of August click this link.

This month’s theme invites some top artistic influencers: Paul Klee, Maira Kalman, Joan Miro, Portland artist: Jennifer Mercede and Nick Bantock (Griffin and Sabine). I can’t wait to see where the color and line take us! Thank you again for your daily support. You are a wonderful community of morning coffee art lovers. Can you believe we are in month 9?


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