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Sentence Envy

Tom Robbins, Even Cowgirls Get the Blues. 

First of all. Thumb envy? No.
Not having the opportunity to be a brain surgeon because my thumbs are too large… Or the idea of having the freedom of bowling ball size thumbs that gets me hitched into the car of the next driver who may or may not value my life as much as I do?

But to tangle up sentences into brain candy about a girl with huge thumbs that keeps my thumbs (pun intended) doing the good work of page turning…well I’m all over that.

“She twirled her thumbs like the hula hips of heaven” he says.

Re-reading this book has caused me some stress. Not the story, or the read. But enjoying it so much. And the achy thought, what authors are having this much fun today? Practicing their talent hard! Serving up sentences up from your feet, that circles your heart a few times and then plunks smack into the middle of the wild brain? So much reading pleasure you can hardly stand it.

Where are those authors today?

On NPR the other day there was an interview with a man (who’s name I didn’t catch) who said people are flinging content around like coins in a slot machine. Hoping to capture fame. But nobody knows what fame is anymore.

My ambitions in writing are to treat words like a really yummy chocolate desert. Words are beautiful to me. And when they twirl around the axis of two large thumbs that plummets me into adventures I’ve never thought of…I’m over the moon.

I hope we never loose these writers or the relevancy of the untethered imagination that a simple sentence can bring.

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