Sensitive, Schmaltzy Clouds


#245/365 Paintings

Ah gee.. it doesn’t take much to make clouds cry. They are so romantic.

A little pressure from Joe on Mack that Josie might have brushed by him with her wispy, lacy cloud tail—smelling like the last sweet rain… and Mack unloads those feelings like a cloud that has never rained. They are all like that. In love with each other in the direction of the wind currents. Summer Sally in the north treks solo but will join any crying party. “It just feels good” she says and keeps trucking along — the others follow. She’s the one who carries the secret story of why they look like upside down flowers. (I hope to catch up to her soon).

The truth is they love hurt feelings that make it rain. It makes them feel alive and “on purpose” in the cosmos. Especially because most of us humans will join them in a bit of melancholy anytime. A good book, a warm fire and to see our tulips turn.


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One comment

  • WM Rine September 12, 2013  

    Clouds or jellyfish? I think I read too many articles this week about jellyfish. Even in the thumbnail these looked like jellyfish. Maybe I will start to see jellyfish in the sky now, who knows.