Sedona’s Enchantment Resort


#186/365 Paintings

I know your 2 year old could have painted this. And if you don’t have a 2 year old, your dog or cat would have done a fine job. I take it as a compliment. When I painted this one, I slopped paint as carelessly as possible with the goal of painting like… well, a 2 year old. It was fun to say the least.

Now that I’m in Sedona, AZ I want to paint everything I see. The ice cream shop, the crystal place(s), the film history museum and yes, as in this case, the Enchantment Resort—at least my 2 year old interpretation of it. I love this place. It’s the home of the Mii Amo Spa. I love their cookbook and I’ll take the pink room please. Everything in Sedona looks like one long caterpillar of adobe! Like one architect and crew moved through the entire town in a year and set the Sedona Adobe Style.

Sedona is a young town of approximately 10k. In 1945 it was unrecognizable from what it is today. The founding of the name is a very delightful story. A woman of course!

T.C. and Sedona Schnebly, homesteaded and utilized the water supply for crops that they sold in neighboring communities. There were 15 families in the area in 1905. As the town grew, it needed a name. T.C. wanted to name it Schnebly Station but the post office allowed only a one word name. The post office also encouraged that the name be something that spoke to the natural beauty of the place. T.C. shared with his friend that the most beautiful creature on earth to him was his wife Sedona. And this was a name deserving of the beauty of Sedona. Awww… now that is a love story if I every heard one.


Project notes. I had a great painting day today. Something about the stillness of the red rock and the beauty of the place I’m staying in. I’m meeting with an adobe architect in the next day or two. I will be picking his brain about how he designs his adobes: the opportunities and challenges from the city limitations level and the the reuse of natural resources. Can’t wait!


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