Gourmet or Diner Burger? Both/Neither/All


#177/365 Paintings

I’m super impressed by the burger scene in San Francisco. The variety and creative ingredients. They take their burger stacks seriously here. A simple diner burger is never just that. There will be something that offsets it to the unique and special. While there are 600 restaurants in SF that serve burgers, some restaurants like Barney’s in Noe Valley create a burger ‘experience’ — I even see a pineapple version of the classic burger. Since I’m a ground turkey person over ground beef, I was impressed to see it on the menu with all the dressings of the speciality burger. I know I sound like a burger commercial, but I’m seriously excited about this discovery. If you share this geeky passion, visit this slideshow: Top 25 burgers (and I think there are events, like a burger crawl as well). This painting is from Burger Urge in my neighborhood. Wow, if only I had 9 stomachs.


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