Salmon, Daniel & Shauna Style


#162/365 Paintings

You haven’t lived if you haven’t lived vicariously through Daniel and his lovely Celtic wife, Shauna Prince. I was fortunate enough to spend 3 weeks living in their home. Their kitchen is something of an international spices and cooking flavors smorgasbord. Soulful, soulful, soulful. This salmon is about to go on the grill in their back yard. The photo is on Daniel’s Facebook wall somewhere recently posted. Friend them and be happy all summer!


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  • WM Rine June 12, 2013  

    That salmon is really good – the colors suggest all the goodness of the water and the abundance of the sea that went into it before the net found it – and it looks rich, as if it will taste big and full of the richness of the living world.

    At the same time, look at the bottle of wine and the deck in the background, I wondered whether if I were there I might just sit down and have a few sips of wine and enjoy the sunshine and the trees I imagine around it and not even remember to flip the salmon on the grill because a day like that with a warm and lush backyard is as full and rich as even a good salmon.

    • niya christine June 12, 2013  

      Yes… full and rich it is. These folks are amazing. I love your description of the Salmon. You must be one of those super talented writers.

  • Daniel June 12, 2013  

    Fabulously Delish! You make this look better than in real life.

    The salmon was a Calico King and super fresh. It was a perfect evening to open a 1st release Rose and let my cares melt away.This painting inspires me for a repeat!

    I am soooo excited to be honored this way by your super awesomeness.


    • niya christine June 12, 2013  

      Inspiration feeds inspiration. I dream of a Prince summer visit in late Aug. I’ll be there. Maybe I can paint in real time and watch you two do your magic, sipping Pinot. Thank you so much for the kudos.