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Salad from a Rabbit’s Point of View

  • Imagine your version of Santa Claus delivering exactly what you want every morning no matter your mood or behavior.
  • Or you’ve attempted Mt. Everest you almost died, but your favorite person woke you up out of your ambition hypnotism, took you down the mountain and had a Hot Toddy waiting for you…can you imagine how good this would taste?
  • Better than that, what is your favorite desert and when does it taste the most excellent?

When the green stuff comes in the morning, the rabbits…well, they resemble something like overweight, furry jumping beans fighting one another for where the vegies might land. They push each other out of the way to get there first. I have a minor blush of shame every time. I only gave up greens ingested in pills a few years back. I embraced it kicking and screaming. The ‘art of the salad’ ….’the health…of ‘the salad’…it’s everywhere.

 Dakota poops on the salad these days. Its his way of saying: MINE.

It doesn’t bother Caila. She gently moves his little Cocoa Puffs aside and continues to eat. He watches her knowing he’s no match for her when she’s eating. He tries to manipulate her another way. He grooms her, he tries to seduce her, make her feel good, make her follow him away from the salad. Marriage politics between rabbits are not so different from ours. She knows his game. She gives him a thank you for the grooming lick on his head and gets back to her salad. Caila is all about grace and tenacity. He’s a bit of love blubberhead around her when she outsmarts him.

I have tried to find the same health benefits in the foods I love as much as they love the salad. I got a little further with carob than chocolate chip cookies. No vegetable properties but close enough. Still, it didn’t stick.

Right now, I’m about to cook some chicken and rice. And I have so much lettuce and greens in the refrigerator that I need to make a salad or else they will go to waste. So there you have it…rabbits can have a good influence on your health.


Dakota brags all the time about his healthy coat and thinks humans have weird rubbery like coats. He thinks if salad would fix that problem, well then…

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  • David Leikam on Dec 05, 2008 Reply

    Perhaps so and I’m working on the same. Dakota could teach me a thing or two about nutritional feeding, maybe … 🙂

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